palms boulevard 


a little information about the project: this started like most remodels, as a dream. my clients had just found a wonderful house in venice . they purchased  it in hopes of starting a great life together. you see they fell in love with the house and each other , actually not in that order. they married shortly after finding the house. they were hoping to build that house into a home . you see the guy , we'll call him david , is a licensed architect. his wife, we'll call her dana, is a local venice artist, with an acute sense of detail.  dana knew just what she wanted in a dream home. with a bit of instruction from her architect husband she was off designing her home. 

yes those are her elevations positioned above , or to the side, of the finished work.


in January this project was submitted to 

Better Homes and Gardens Renovation Challenge

check back to see how we did




this is of course a before shot
click it to view the progress
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the happy clients


view of the front


refrigerator, dishwasher & sink


prep area


range area




work area


sink area


master bath sinks


 makeup table


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